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Preferred Client Services
We invite you to join our Preferred Client Services – a concierge-like service that complements your current insurance risk management programs in helping to safeguard your high-value personal, business and association assets.
GlobalPro Recovery offers a wide range of accredited classes, workshops, and one-one insurance review and training. We frequently team up with professional organizations, corporate clients, and vendors serving the interest of high-net worth individuals, businesses and Associations.
Claims Advocate
GlobalPro Recovery’s newsletter CLAIMS ADVOCATE focuses on the rights and responsibilities of the policyholder and/or claimant. Various topics are included in each newsletter to highlight current issues and trends in the insurance industry.

GlobalPro Recovery’s portfolio of insurance services helps business owners, homeowners, managers and institutions fill a gap in their insurance risk management programs.

As a strategic partner to a highly select worldwide clientele and their professional advisers, we help manage the risks to loss recovery following an insurance-related loss. Our full-service insurance concierge program encompasses pre-loss planning, crisis management, handling insurance claims and coordinating property reconstruction.

Contact us today to discuss how to complete your portfolio of insurance risk management programs and safeguard your personal and business assets.