The insurance experts and professionals at GlobalPro Recovery have only one goal – to ensure that you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled. We are your claims specialists, representing you with new claims and with underpaid past claims.

GlobalPro Recovery’s worldwide clientele includes:

High-net-worth individuals Local & National banks Homeowners
Condo & Homeowners Assoc. Investment Funds Cooperative
Business Owners & Franchisees Developers & Contractors Multi-Family
Hotels and Motels Shopping Centers Marinas
Marine Vessel Owners (Boats and Yachts) Luxury & Antique Auto Owners Industrial & Manufacturers
Shipping & Freight Companies Aircraft Owners & Operators

GlobalPro Recovery’s team integrates with financial advisers, risk managers, property managers, asset managers, financial advisers and investors to focus on a common goal to protect your assets and ensure a maximum recovery in the event of a loss.