Hotel and Restaurant Owner Damaged by Hurricane Irma

When Norman’s Tavern was devastated by Hurricane Irma, Owner Wagiro Lara and his attorney called upon GlobalPro Recovery to handle his claim. The entire property was completely destroyed with over $1 million dollars in damage. The team at GlobalPro Recovery worked hand-in-hand with Lara and his team, guiding them through the entire process. Lara chose to put the process in the expert hands of the team at GlobalPro Recovery and received the full amount of his claim which was in excess of $1 million dollars.  Lara received the payment and his business is back up and running.

See what Lara has to say about his experience with the team at GlobalPro Recovery. If you are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, look no further than GlobalPro Recovery to handle your claim and make sure you get what you deserve.

“If your home or business was ever damaged or destroyed by a hurricane, you probably called your agent or the Carrier directly. Then you scrambled to find a contractor to clean up your home or business. You probably then realized your mistake and how the cards are stacked against you. Times have changed. Following Superstorm Sandy, everyone’s insurance company was overwhelmed and backed up with claims. So, I called GlobalPro Recovery to make sure I had proper representation; I couldn’t afford to risk it. I’ve lived through other storms and know what its like to deal directly with an insurance company after a devastating storm. Had it not been for GlobalPro Recovery, I would have never recovered from Superstorm Sandy. Not only did they handle the loss at my home, but they also adjusted the property and income claim for my business. I was the first on my block to recover and rebuild after Sandy. I was the first business back open in my area. All because of the expertise and advocacy of GlobalPro Recovery. Thank you, GlobalPro.”
Cheryl S. – Long Beach, NY (Small Business Owner and Homeowner)

“When our Association suffered water damage from an AC unit, we trusted in our insurance company to promptly pay our claim. Four months later, we only recovered a portion of our expenses and dipped into our reserves to patch walls and ceilings. That’s when we turned to GlobalPro Recovery. In less than 2 months, GlobalPro Recovery performed their own inspection of our damages, re-inspected the loss with our Carrier’s adjuster, and then recovered over 1,000% more for our damages. Highly recommended.”
Paul J. – Miami Beach, FL (Condominium Association)

“Our clients rely on us to properly manager their properties. For years, we did what any other property manager would do – your client suffers a loss, so you call the agent and then pray it all works out. Not anymore – we advise our clients to retain GlobalPro Recovery when they experience a loss. Since we started working with GlobalPro, we quickly noticed a huge difference. From the software GlobalPro has developed to track claims to the team of Engineers, building consultants, etc. that handle the claim, our clients are getting what they finally deserve from their insurance companies and from us. Our partnership with GlobalPro has added tremendous value to our services. Thank you, Dan and the GlobalPro Team.”
Enrique S. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Asset and Property Manager)

“These days, getting insurance is just as hard as recovering from a loss. That’s why we always use GlobalPro Recovery to help our Association with placing new insurance. Their knowledge and experience is unmatched. They took the time to understand our needs and worked with us to get the best possible coverage, for the best price. Our current broker of record told us that our loss history was going to drive our rates up. We quickly learned that this was not the case. With Dan and his team, we saved more than $30,000 on our renewal and even increase our coverage.”
Michael O. – Houston, TX (Mixed-Use Association)

“Its real simple – just do the math. Without GlobalPro, my business recovered less than $20,000. With GlobalPro, we got more than $100,000. I didn’t pay a dime out of pocket – no retainer fees, no hourly fee. It may have taken the Carrier months to low-ball our claim, but it only took GlobalPro a few weeks to get what we deserved. I’d recommend Dan and his team to anyone.”
Tom M. – Tampa, FL (Business Owner)