Hire a Lawyer

The traditional remedy for construction related damages is the engagement of counsel to file a 558 lawsuit. This requires large upfront costs for experts and retainer fees with little or no expectation of a recovery. While the advice of counsel is important, statute of limitations usually provides years to seek a legal remedy for your damages. If time is on your side, avoid the high out-of-pocket expenses and seek an alternative means of recovery.

File a Claim

The low-cost alternative to litigation. We conduct a thorough policy review and then properly report the appropriate 1st and 3rd party insurance claims for recoverable construction related damages. We handle the process from the start to finish. Unlike 558 litigation, the cost of expert reports may be recoverable. There are no upfront costs for our service, which means: no recovery, no fee.

Dual Track

We supplement litigation to offset or in some cases, eliminate costs typical of 558 litigation. Our efforts expedite the recovery for damages by aggressively adjusting the loss and damages under all available insurance policies. Litigation is streamlined and the pressure further expedites the process. Our efforts are so successful that clients typically abandoned their 558 lawsuits.


Successful Strategy

In the world of construction defect claims, any outcome is possible and most often not favorable. However, by thinking outside the box we have helped business owners and associations recover more than $20mm for construction defect and related damages.

Our methods expedite recovery and avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses. Without us, you pay 100% of the cost to investigate as legal fees, and with us, you can avoid unnecessary fees while we work to recover for your damages. Only our highly skilled team is qualified to provide this approach to a typically very long and costly process.

We have a far better and more efficient approach that has obtained incredible results. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you only owe us our fee when we recover for you. Our only motivation is to seek a full financial recovery for you.