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We have an exciting upcoming event Rise Nation. Come elevate your game with GlobalPro’s Health & Fitness Coach, Anthony Mendez, and the pros at Rise Nation. This event is sponsored by Puma, Kamsa, and GoMarco. You won’t want to miss this complimentary training class!

RISE NATION, 3814 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137

April 23, 2019 from 7pm to 8:30pm


Join us monthly for an exclusive mind, body & soul experience.

Each month we will engage our clients and vendors in a wide range of fitness and health opportunities that are representative of our first-class service. It is an opportunity to go beyond the board room and office. These events are sponsored by industry leading health and fitness suppliers, manufacturers and venues that meet the GlobalPro standard.

Space is very limited for each event, so make sure you sign up. We can’t wait to host you at our upcoming event!

Our Sponsors

Kamsa (@drinkkamsa)

GoMarco (@gomacro)

Puma (@Puma)

Meet Anthony Mendez, GlobalPro Health & Fitness Coach

Mendez has a undergraduate degree in Psychology, several years of exercise science education, and a diploma from Equinox Fitness Academy. Mendez holds 2 National Certifications & 12 specialty certifications. He has been a fitness professional for over 9+ years coaching & training over hundreds of individuals: from general population, to disabled individuals, post rehab, pre & post-natal, celebrities, and elite athletes. He has worked with multiple big box gyms including “Equinox” and owned and operated his own gym, MSP Athletics. He currently serves as a top athlete / trainer for PUMA & ONNIT, two of the biggest brands in the lifestyle & fitness industry. He has a huge passion for changing people’s lives in a positive way! He’s a huge believer in movement is medicine and how moving properly on daily basis will change you. He’s all about movement of the MIND, the BODY, and the SOUL. He has a unique style of training which includes a lot of unconventional style training, bodyweight training, getting people to move as much as possible, corrective training and posture correction. Mendez is a huge fitness influencer through the social media world and uses his platform to connect, network, collaborate, and work with other influencers in his field to create an impact in the community. He has also curated and hosted multiple health & fitness events in the Miami, West palm beach, and Ft. Lauderdale areas. Mendez fitness has appeared on other platforms and media outlets, like StayFit305, Miami Vibes Mag, Miami Under 40, Voyage Mia, DistrictFit, Dadeland Mall, Susan G Komen, All Health TV on South Florida PBS, RBX Sportswear, Bright Line Station, Jungle Island, Marketing Clique, AMLI Dadeland, Mia Fitness Foundation, and many more.

Get Ready, Get Fit, Get GlobalPro

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