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In a recent interview with CNBC, Daniel B. Odess, President of GlobalPro Recovery, was asked what homeowners bracing for Hurricane Florence can do now to prepare for insurance claims.

“Take photos from every corner of the room and capture the condition of the floor, the walls and ceiling,” said Odess, who, as a public adjuster, helps homeowners and businesses navigate the claims process. “Walk around the outside of the house to get all angles, and then take photos of the area around the house.”

If there’s widespread damage, adjusters will be handling an overwhelming number of claims, Odess said. They also might not be familiar with local laws that affect your coverage or they might make inaccurate assumptions. “This is done by humans, and they can make mistakes,” Odess said.

Depending on the number of claims your insurer is fielding and the specifics of your situation, the process could take about four to eight months, Odess said. “Go into this with the mindset that you have to be patient,” Odess said.

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