An essential component of our pre-loss program is development of a disaster response plan customized to address specific potential threats to your family, assets, businesses and properties. This plan, which will be updated periodically and maintained off-site, covers emergency response, media management and disaster recovery.


In the event of a loss, an insurance claim needs to be properly filed, documented and managed in order to comply with all policy requirements. Our team has more than two decades of experience in representing your interests – not those of the insurer – throughout every stage of this complicated process.


If a personal, business or investment property has been damaged or destroyed, our team can expedite the payment to plan, schedule, and coordinate activities to rebuild from a loss or damage. We have extensive experience with rebuilding, remodeling and new construction projects, so we can step into the role of professional manager or owner’s representative soon after a loss.


GlobalPro Offers A Range Of Time Saving Services

In order to meet the demands of our clients, GlobalPro Recovery grouped its service offerings. Our clients choose from 5 different service contracts, offering them flexible and time saving approaches for recovering from a loss and saving on premium dollars when placing or renewing insurance. Purchase the correct insurance at the right price. Work with us and let us expedite your claim and recovery.


If you are looking for advice from a licensed insurance expert to protect your rights, but confident that you can handle the leg work then GlobalPro’s Advisor is your simple solution. Let GlobalPro help you save time and money by providing you a step by step tour of the claims process. This cost effective, time saving approach will ensure that your claim is properly reported and that the claim payments are quickly processed. Most policyholders don’t realize that the initial reporting of the claim is the most critical part of the claim process. Avoid unnecessary denials and underpayment of your claim, get GlobalPro on your side. Already reported the claim and not satisfied with the result? With GlobalPro Advisor on your side, we will confirm the validity of any claim payment or denial by comparing your results to hundreds of other policyholders in your area.


For those policyholders looking for professional input in their claim from start to finish and the power of an experienced back office, this is your solution. Don’t waste your time responding to lengthy insurance company requests or analyzing the estimates, let us do all the work for you. This cost saving approach will reduce the time it takes to resolve your claim and provide you the confidence you need in order to handle your own property or business insurance claim. Knowledge is power and with GlobalPro’s Team of Insurance Experts behind you, you will maximize your claim recovery.


Gain complete access to more than 100 years of experience in the insurance business. Hand over your claim to one of our licensed and experienced claims adjusters to avoid all the risks and save time and money. From start to finish, our team of adjusters and back office staff have you covered. There are no substitutes for our years of experience and firsthand knowledge of insurance, construction, engineering, and accounting. Our familiarity with local and state laws both common and case is unmatched. Protect your rights, maximize your recovery, expedite the lender process, and securely store your insurance records with GlobalPro’s Adjuster service.


Why pay more when you can get it for less? It is our mission to protect the interest of the policyholder and this starts with the purchase of insurance. Let us put our insurance claims experience to use, by ensuring you have what you need when you purchase insurance. The best part is, we don’t get paid unless we get it for less.

Preferred Client Services

Get the peace of mind you deserve for you or your business. Through our Preferred Client Services (PCS), our professional insurance team will manage your insurance-related risks from start to finish. Enjoy front-of-the-line concierge service during the buying process and following a disaster. Save time and energy by relying on our strong and effective insurance advocacy. Avoid the time-consuming hassles with filing insurance claims and maximize your financial recovery. To learn more about Preferred Client Services, click here.

For an in depth look at GlobalPro’s services, be sure to visit each of the pages for Ready. Recover. Rebuild.

The GlobalPro Difference

GlobalPro Recovery occupies a unique position in the spectrum of risk management services:

  • Insurance agent.
    An insurance agent or broker provides advice on coverage and premiums, but is not a claims expert. If you suffer a loss, an “independent adjuster” engaged by the insurance company will investigate the claim. However, the independent adjuster  represents the insurance company’s financial interests if you file a claim.
  • Risk manager.
    A risk manager, chief financial officer or purchasing manager focuses on identifying potential threats and obtaining insurance or taking other protective measures. However, risk managers usually have limited knowledge and experience with the complex process of reporting and documenting a claim after a loss.
  • Contractor.
    A contractor is essential in repairing and reconstructing your property after it has been damaged or destroyed. However, proper management is essential to maximize funds from an insurance settlement so the project can completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our team of adjusters, engineers, accountants, and inventory specialists skillfully navigate the insurance industry’s labyrinth on your behalf. In the event of a loss, we make sure your claim is fully and properly documented, carefully observe policy guidelines and procedures, conduct a thorough and accurate damage assessment, and meet the deadlines for filing critical information.

We use state-of-the-art software. Our experienced professionals analyze and adjust losses fairly and efficiently. Clients typically recover amounts substantially higher (more than 700% higher, as seen in the 10-06 OPPAGA report) than their insurance companies offered to pay them. When a loss occurs, you deserve a fast, full settlement of your claim so you can focus on your family, your business, your life.

Drawing on decades of experience, GlobalPro represents the interests of our select clientele, offering a fully coordinated approach to managing these risks to recovery. That is the GlobalPro difference!