Our team understands the paramount importance of ensuring the safety of people and property following a disaster. Our crisis management team can come to the site immediately to help document the loss, or provide other advice and support. For instance, we can help formulate appropriate responses to questions from clients, business partners, customers and the media about the situation, and take steps designed to minimize any interruption to business operations. Read more

An essential component of our pre-loss program is development of a disaster response plan customized to address specific potential threats to your family, assets, businesses and properties. This plan, which will be updated periodically and maintained off-site, covers emergency response, media management and disaster recovery.  In addition, our disaster response planning includes identification and preliminary selection of contractors with the necessary skills and experience to rebuild residential or commercial properties that have been damaged by fire, windstorm, earthquake or other disaster. Read more

Drawing on decades of experience in assisting clients with insurance claims, we will review your current insurance policies and coverage, and provide you with recommendations as necessary. For example, clients with global assets need to ensure that their policies are placed correctly, cover the appropriate geography and are titled in the correct ownership. Following our review of your insurance coverage, we will provide recommendations regarding asset protection. For example, your homeowner, automobile or commercial property insurance policies may offer a cost-effective solution to protecting your assets from lawsuits, creditors or potential tax liabilities. Read more

Then, we engage specialized property appraisal services to determine the provenance, features, condition and replacement cost of high-value personal assets. That appraisal documentation can also play an important role in your estate planning, asset management and asset liquidation plans. Read more

As part of our professional pre-loss service program, we will inventory your assets – including private aircraft, yachts, artwork, antiques, jewelry, business equipment, and commercial and residential properties. Completing a thorough inventory of those personal and business assets is an important step to maximizing your recovery in the event of a loss. Read more

Our team works with your risk manager to identify potential threats and risk exposures for your portfolio of personal and business assets.  We can prepare a summary report outlining those risks, including new and emerging threats, and update that document periodically. Read more