After completing a thorough inventory of your personal, business and investment assets, GlobalPro Recovery will document the ownership and value of those assets.

If a loss occurs, this documentation will accelerate the claims processing procedure in order to maximize the financial recovery. Our team’s role may include:

  • Engaging specialized property appraisal services to determine the provenance, features, condition and replacement cost of high-value personal assets.
  • Gathering copies of purchase receipts, prior appraisals vehicle titles and other ownership documents
  • Taking extensive photos of personal and business assets
  • Videotaping personal property, business inventory and equipment and building interiors
  • Videotaping building exteriors, including recent additions and renovations, roof repairs, and other conditions that could affect the value of a property

GlobalPro uses the services of highly qualified, accredited appraisers to perform appraisals for personal assets, from everyday items to high-value artifacts, fine jewelry and antiquities.  Our expert staff is trained to carefully evaluate the history, features, styling, condition, and origin of thousands of pieces to determine an accurate and current value. Our documentation services can also assist clients in estate planning, moving and storage preparation, asset liquidation and more.

Having accurate documentation of personal, business and investment assets is one of the keys to shortening the claims processing timeline and obtaining a fair and equitable settlement.

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