An essential component of GlobalPro’s pre-loss program is the development of a disaster response plan customized to address specific potential threats to individuals, families, personal assets, businesses and properties.

This plan, which will be updated periodically and maintained off-site, encompasses the following types of issues:

  • Emergency contact information for family members, business managers, key employees and service providers
  • Secure off-site electronic storage of key documents, such as insurance policies and asset inventories
  • List of steps to take immediately after a disaster to ensure the safety of people and mitigate any property damage
  • Business continuity planning (BCP) to minimize any interruption to business operations
  • Media management issues (if appropriate)
  • Contact information for contractors qualified to make immediate repairs and rebuild damaged residential or commercial properties

Since a windstorm, flood, earthquake, fire, theft, vandalism or workplace violence can occur at almost any time, a comprehensive disaster response plan provides a 24/7/365 guide to making decisions at a time of crisis. In that way, it can help to mitigate damage to personal property and minimize the impact on a business, such as loss of customers, reputation or revenue.

In some cases, GlobalPro Recovery will also develop multiple proactive response plans designed for specific crisis scenarios. This may occur when a client’s assets are located in different domestic or international locations or jurisdictions. For example, a disaster plan to guide decisions relating to a client’s estate home in a private U.S. community might be very different from the a plan relating to a resort property in a Mediterranean location.

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