In partnership with our clients, GlobalPro Recovery provides pre-loss strategic planning services designed to minimize the risks of recovery.

Our customized concierge-like program is designed to protect our clients’ personal, business and investment assets. We recognize that the medical adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” applies equally well to the insurance claims process.

Our pre-loss strategic planning process typically involves four basic steps:

  1. Compiling an inventory of current assets – personal possessions and real estate, business assets and investment properties
  2. Reviewing current insurance policies and coverage
  3. Identifying potential threats and risk exposures
  4. Providing recommendations to minimize your risk to recovery in the event of a loss.

To help clients and their advisors make sound financial decisions, our team will prepare a summary report that focuses on current risks and exposures, including new and emerging threats. We will also update that document periodically. For example, changes in Florida’s windstorm insurance coverage could affect a vacation condominium, while a change in tenants at a commercial property could provide an opportunity to adjust the property and casualty coverage.

GlobalPro’s team can draw on decades of experience in addressing insurance-related issues, providing our clients with the benefit of our specialized knowledge throughout the pre-loss planning process.

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