Filing a well-documented insurance claim in a timely manner in compliance with all policy requirements is a complex task.

Most policies are difficult to read and interpret, and are filled with traps for the unwary claimant. Even the insurance agent or broker who sold the policy may not understand the steps necessary in filing a claim. For instance, some policies may define a hurricane, windstorm or thunderstorm with deductibles that apply to one type of damage, but not to another. All these technical issues can affect your ability to achieve a successful outcome.

Fortunately, the GlobalPro Recovery team understands how to file, document and manage an insurance claim, thus minimizing the risks to recovery. For example, a typical policy contains a series of deadlines that must be met by both sides, along with very specific requirements regarding the accompanying documentation. For example, a policy may require the filing of a Proof of Loss within a specified number of days. Once the insurance company receives that proof of loss, it has a specified number of days to reply. This back and forth process usually continues until the claim is finally settled.

GlobalPro represents our client’s interests – not those of the insurer – throughout every stage of this complicated process.  Our services typically include:

  • Preparing the claim form
  • Gathering the correct documentation, including receipts, appraisals, photos, videos, police reports, etc.
  • Filing the claim in accordance with all policy requirements
  • Following up with the insurer to be sure your claim is addressed promptly
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Resolving any disputes regarding the nature or value of your claim
  • Ensuring that you receive a fair and equitable settlement that allows you to restore your assets to a pre-loss condition
  • Helping to maintain insurance coverage following a claim.

In short, GlobalPro will aggressively manage the claims process, negotiate on your behalf, and stay on top of the claim until you have received a full recovery for your losses.

Marine Hull & Vessel Recovery

You work hard, and you are ready to play hard. You look forward to every spare second you can spend on your boat or yacht. Even preparing your vessel for a journey doesn’t seem like work, but sometimes the unexpected happens. When you are hit with an insured disaster, due to weather, fire, or an emergency at sea, GlobalPro is ready to assist you to maximize your recovery.

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Medical Claims Adjuster

Unlike collections companies, clearinghouses, and software companies we provide a cost effective solution to avoid Patient conflicts, increase insurance claim payments and reduce the time to collect by properly disputing and/or appealing Insurance Company coverage positions. Our services focus only on denied, underpaid, and/or delayed claims, which is typically due to inaccurate patient demographic or insurance information, incorrect or suboptimal codes and/or modifiers, or incorrect charges.

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