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Real Property, Fine Art, Jewelry, Antiques, Wine, Aviation, Yachts, Classic & Exotic Autos

Many high net worth individuals and family offices spend a significant amount of time and energy managing their families investment portfolio, tax and estate planning, legal and philanthropic matters. Often, they have much less time available to thoroughly evaluate their insurance coverages to properly manage their risk. The focus is typically saving on premium rather than managing a family’s entire portfolio without accounting for the risk of loss and damage.

Fire, theft, flood, hurricane and other calamities will inevitably strike and cause immense damage and leave emotional distress in their wake. Real estate, personal property, watercraft, aircraft or collectibles such as, wine, watches, fine art, antiquities, and jewelry, are all part of a private client or family office estate. When disaster strikes, these types of events often lead to severe financial loss.

At GlobalPro, we thoroughly understand the myriad complex policies of insurance coverage for private clients and family offices. GlobalPro’s team of recovery experts and advisors use proprietary technology and 60 plus years of insurance and financial industry experience to properly adjust the claim to expedite the recovery and maximize the claim payment.

GlobalPro offers a white glove, concierge approach to managing the placement of insurance to the recovery from loss. It is our mission to protect the interest of the policyholder.

Let us put our insurance claims experience to use, by ensuring you have what you need when you purchase insurance. With the right insurance in place we will maximize the recovery, mitigate time to payment, and eliminate the costs associated with properly documenting and reporting a claim. If you are in the process of aquiring or selling damaged assets, allow us to help you maximize your return.

We provide a 360 degree, comprehensive approach to:

Risk Management
Insurance Advisory
Construction Management
Loss Recovery & Asset Protection
Investment Advisory
Asset Management

It starts today! Be prepared and recover more, faster.