Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen is an electric, chic, artsy and upscale, must try that fits right in among the bustling food scene in Wynwood. The lack of Caribbean cuisine in the neighborhood was completely changed when this gem debuted in 2019 offering traditional Jamaican cuisine with a modern twist.

The family owned and operated establishment was created by the Mother, Daughter, Husband / Son-in-Law team of Leonie Mckoy, Dr. Shrusan Gray, and Rodrick Leighton. “Dukunoo” in West African means “sweet thing” or “sweet mouth,” which is a delicious commonly known starchy puddling like sweet treat wrapped in a leaf, tied, and steamed. #CoolestJamaicanRestaurant

Dukunoo has all the ingredients to become the best Caribbean restaurant in the city. But what are the chances of a relatively new restaurant -not a chain- to survive the pandemic?

Watch the following video to hear from Dukunoo’s very own chef, Mark Cameron, what this tropical jewel has done to keep the business alive.

Sweetness is also what you will find mixed into every detail of your experience at Dukunoo. The Dukunoo team prides themselves on their inviting, familial vibe inherent in their elevated level of service and tasted through their modern take on traditional Jamaican cuisine. You will not need to reminisce about being down in the islands, Dukunoo brings it right to you and as they say,

“come fi di food, stay fi di vibes.”


Located at 316 NW 24th St. in Wynwood, Dukunoo is the place where tropical flavors, reggae music, and art blends into the perfect space to hang out with friends. Owners, Rodrick and Shrusan, would love to see you soon at Dukunoo, but if you are not ready for face-to-face interaction yet, order their delicious food for delivery or takeout and have some #LoveinaBag!

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