Time to Prepare for Hurricane Joaquin

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic coast, it’s time to start preparing for Hurricane Joaquin. Now in the Bahamas, Joaquin strengthened overnight to become a category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph. Although forecasters at the National Hurricane Center aren’t sure of the track, computer models indicated Joaquin could strike anywhere in the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey or New York as it heads north along the East Coast.

With landfall not expected until Sunday night, homeowners, businesses, commercial property landlords, homeowner/condominium associations and local governments have several days to get ready for Joaquin. Along with stocking up on water, flashlight batteries and non-perishable foods, be sure to dig out your insurance policies and either place them in a safe and secure location or scan them and upload them to an online service.

If your property is damaged by Joaquin, you will need to have the policy information available when filing a claim. Since the insurance carriers put limitations on their coverage and have specific requirements when filing a claim, you should consult with an objective professional, such as GlobalPro Recovery, who can explain the details and walk you through the process.

After Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey/New York in October 2012, GlobalPro represented more than 5,000policyholders, including associations, business owners, homeowners and the National Park Service, helping them achieve more than $50 million in total recovery.

In any case, the steps you take in the next few days to prepare for Hurricane Joaquin can make a big difference in minimizing storm damage and maximizing your ability to recover from a loss.

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